Iyare Hospital, Edo State, Nigeria.

I love the OSA FIRST CARE Course on working in Health Care level 3 because the courses are taught in fundamental and straightforward languages so that instructions are easily understood and put into real-life use.

Medical Officer: Fidelity Medical Center Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Osa First Care Course has provided me value many times over the cost, increasing my workplace effectiveness. I will say that what I have learned through the course has been instrumental to the overall success of my work input.

St. Philomena Hospital, Benin city, Edo State. Nigeria

One of the basic requirements for consideration into the St. Philomena Children Hospital was a Certificate course on working Health Care level 3. Putting my application in 2019, I was referred to the OSA FIRST CARE certificate course on WHC. I can confirm that the course was incisive, well run and gave me the needed skill instruction on what was required of me as a caregiver

College of Midwifrey, St. Philomena Hospital

As a midwife in training, I am always looking for accessing any extra-curricular avenue to better myself. I can confidently say the Osa First Care course on working Health Care level 3 provides me with one such opportunity. I wholeheartedly recommend them.!

Assistant Matron: Oregbani Primary Health Care Center Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
We began using the services of Osa First Care as a compulsory in-house after employment training in 2019, just after the outbreak of the Covid 19. I must comment that their detailed instructional workplace gave us a far ahead insight into the implementation and management of the Covid 19 protocol as it affects both patients and staff of our clinic. We honestly recommend them.
Community Health care Worker, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
The Osa First Care course called working Health Care level 3 added value to my nursing profession. I highly recommend it to every professional health care worker!