February 26, 2024

Piriformis Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Management

The compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle may end up in piriformis syndrome, a neuromuscular dysfunction. This situation is kind of uncommon. The piriformis muscle is situated across the high of the hip joint within the buttocks. This muscle has a flat, band-like look. It maintains the hip joint whereas additionally elevating and rotating the thigh away from the physique. Consequently, it’s important for the decrease physique’s motion.

Signs and indicators of piriformis syndrome

Sufferers continuously report acute buttock discomfort and sciatic-like ache that radiates down the again of the leg, calf, and foot. Examples of typical piriformis syndrome signs embrace:

A persistent ache within the buttock area

The backs of 1’s thighs, calves, and toes are throbbing with ache (sciatica)

Experiencing discomfort whereas ascending stairs or slopes

A worsening of ache after sitting for prolonged durations

Mobility of the hip joint with a restricted vary of movement

What causes piriformis syndrome, and what threat components contribute to its growth?

If there’s strain on or compression of the piriformis muscle in some areas of the sciatic nerve, it may possibly result in this situation. The next sports-related accidents are examples of threat components which will contribute to piriformis syndrome:

The inflammatory response (any trigger corresponding to muscle overuse on account of sports activities, sprain)

Trauma (normally blunt trauma to the buttocks)


Improvement of a scar

Individuals who expertise any of the signs listed in or across the piriformis muscle tissue are additionally in danger for creating piriformis syndrome:




Diagnosing piriformis syndrome

Make an appointment together with your well being care doctor if the discomfort or numbness in your buttocks or legs persists for quite a lot of weeks. Relying on the underlying trigger, signs of sciatica may final weeks or months. In case your indicators and signs always change, it’s essential to go to your main care physician to test whether it is piriformis syndrome for correct remedy.

Throughout your session, the physician will overview your general case historical past, signs, and potential causes. Be ready to supply detailed details about your signs when discussing them. Inform your doctor you probably have just lately skilled an accident, corresponding to tripping and falling, or if you happen to strained a muscle whereas enjoying sports activities. Don’t worry in case you are uncertain whether or not this was the origin of your signs.

As well as, your doctor will conduct a well being examination the place you could be anticipated to do numerous actions to determine which actions are painful. There’s a chance that extra imaging exams can be crucial to assist rule out different potential causes of your ache. With an MRI or CT scan, your doctor could possibly determine whether or not arthritis or a ruptured disc is the reason for your signs. If piriformis syndrome seems to be the underlying supply of a affected person’s signs, an ultrasound of the piriformis muscle may support in reaching a analysis.

Potential therapies for piriformis syndrome

Ice packs or massages utilizing ice

If you happen to expertise discomfort in your buttocks or sciatica, you need to instantly apply ice to the affected space. If you happen to discover that individual actions exacerbate your ache, utilizing ice on the affected space instantly after the coaching will be of help. Use this remedy as crucial each two to 4 hours. Ice massages are fairly advantageous and ought to be performed each time attainable. Whereas in your abdomen, have somebody therapeutic massage the affected space with a big ice dice. Restrict the therapeutic massage to 10 minutes to keep away from experiencing an ice burn.

Injections administered for the piriformis

In sure situations, your physician might resolve to supply an injection instantly into the piriformis muscle. In extreme instances, your doctor might take into account Botox injections to loosen up the muscle and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. Each injections are supposed to supply enough ache reduction to assist you to broaden the piriformis muscle and have interaction in bodily remedy. This may be certain that the muscle stays stretched and relaxed lengthy after the results of the injection have worn off.

Physiotherapy and stretching

Progressively stretching the piriformis muscle is the simplest remedy for piriformis syndrome. Your main care doctor might instruct you to apply primary stretches to loosen up the piriformis, hamstring, and hip muscle tissue, improve flexibility, and restore vary of movement. These additionally stretches support in muscle restoration. As well as, an entire bodily remedy program for piriformis syndrome contains range-of-motion workouts and deep tissue massages that may assist reduce muscular spasms and improve blood move to the affected space, each of that are important for the affected person’s continued therapeutic.

Therapeutic warmth software

Individuals might discover reduction from discomfort by alternating between warmth and chilly. One of many efficient therapies for piriformis syndrome will be to strive resting in your abdomen with a heating pad positioned on the affected space for as much as twenty minutes.

Take a scorching bathtub to loosen up, and then stretch

After soaking in a heat bathtub, rigorously stretch your muscle tissue. If you happen to expertise decrease leg ache, strive sitting or standing together with your toes pointed and straightened. In case you are having ache within the higher area of your leg, you need to try to the touch your toes whereas bending over.

Is it attainable to keep away from creating piriformis syndrome?
It’s conceivable that when your signs have improved, you will want to change your actions to lower the chance of recurrence. With the usage of the next preventative actions, piriformis syndrome will be prevented:

Common train is crucial, however you need to at all times stretch beforehand.

At all times keep a straight again and shoulders when standing, sitting, or driving.

Don’t raise by bending over. Squatting and bending your knees will make it simpler so that you can take up an object. Preserve an upright place whereas bringing the factor close to to your physique. Keep away from twisting your physique in any method throughout lifting.

It’s preferable to keep away from sitting or mendacity down able that exerts vital pressure on the buttocks for prolonged intervals.

Managing the signs of piriformis syndrome

Piriformis syndrome might come up and disappear at completely different instances relying in your exercise stage. Please make an effort to find out the behaviors that look like inflicting it. By executing the required workouts, you could assure that you simply stretch the piriformis muscle tissue earlier than and after partaking in these actions.


Piriformis syndrome is an unusual situation that may be troublesome to diagnose due to its rarity. In most situations, the situation is treatable with relaxation and bodily remedy. Your decrease again and legs will really feel higher earlier than, throughout, and after your exercise if you happen to maintain lively and stretch earlier than partaking in bodily exercise.

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