February 26, 2024

Easy Things To Fix Before Putting Your House On The Market

If you are planning to put your house on the market soon, you are probably aware that there is a lot that goes into preparing to sell a house. In order to avoid being slapped with repairs and renovations just when you think you’ve made it out scotch-free, you should get ahead of the game and fix up the major things a buyer would likely point out before running into problems because the buyer can always back out of they feel there are too many things wrong with the house. We’ve made a list of a few things you should look into fixing before putting your house up for sale.

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Easy Things To Fix Before Putting Your House On The Market

Cracks And Holes In Walls

While these holes and cracks may have become second nature to you throughout the years of living in this home, it’s vital for you to remember that to someone who didn’t create the memories with these defects, it is not sentimental, and it can be a dealbreaker. More often than not, fixing up holes or cracks does not even require paying for a professional to come into your home; you can simply buy plaster and paint and patch up the imperfections yourself. Make sure the walls are freshly painted and look perfect for someone walking in for the first time.

Leaky Faucets

Before putting your house on the market, you should pay special attention to drains and faucets in your home. Your faucets should run without having any problems with leaking after you have turned them off, the drains should be cleared and working smoothly, and the hot and cold sides should be properly marked for someone to understand without ever using the faucet before. These all seem like small tasks that would be easily-fixable for the next owner, but they are also things that a potential buyer does not want to and should not have to think about dealing with after purchasing a home.

Broken HVAC Systems

This is something that can be a big dealbreaker for a potential buyer. Installing a brand new HVAC system for your entire home can put you back somewhere between $4,000 and $12,000. While this can really break the bank for you, it can also make a potential buyer decide to purchase a different home. If you do not wish to take this money out of your pocket, you can offer to lower the home cost buy this amount; that way, the homeowner will be paying a bit less for the home in order to replace the system, but you won’t feel the direct impact on buying such an expensive appliance right before you move out of the home.

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